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The Resilient School

Resilient Us addresses the inevitable consequences of working in high stress and high demand schools. Delivered at a whole-school level, Resilient Us gives you a suite of very PRACTICAL neuroscience-based tools and strategies to create healthy, thriving workplaces.  Using our Resilience Equation and 4-Level Thrive at Work Matrix Resilient Us shows individuals how to effectively take care of themselves, colleagues how to best support one another and provides leadership with a host of strategies that lead to open, supportive, professional workplaces focused on best-practice delivery to students/clients while maintaining a mutual focus on their collegial wellbeing.

Using our Resilience Equation and 4-Level Thrive at Work Matrix develop:

  • A comprehensive 4-level (individual, interpersonal, managerial and organisation structural) school-wide wellbeing plan to reduce the impact of working in high-stress school environments; 
  • School or organisation-wide common language and visuals to improve awareness of the inevitable challenges in schools and what can be done to address the stress in the classroom, staffroom and staff practices; 
  • Over 50 strategies to boost resilience across your school and community;
  • Use whole-brain leadership, meeting and individual management strategies to boost relationships, understanding and performance in staff;
  • Routine social capital and solutions-orientated culture building activities; and
  • Embed wellbeing as a key priority underpinning performance and outcomes.

What to become a Resilient School? Find out more about our on-line course (details go here and then a click through to sign up – maybe a video first) and our face-to-face workshops (flyer goes here and then a click through to register for courses.)