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The Resilient Leader

Leadership wellbeing is not the icing on the cake: wellbeing is the foundation of the sustained, inspiring leadership that builds a thriving school culture. Designed for Principals, deputy principals, senior leadership teams, school leaders, and aspiring leaders, Resilient Us is built on the knowledge that schools are not normal workplaces. No day is typical and a “to do” list seems to grow not diminish as the day goes on.

Join us to become The Resilient Leader in on-line and face-to-face training to foster greater resilience for yourself as a leader and also for your team by boosting the social capital, solutions-orientation, individual resilience habits among your staff. Use the Resilience Equation to:

  • Gain a suite of over 40 practical tools and an individual Thrive at Work resilience plan to improve your stress tolerance, coping and wellbeing specific to the school leadership context; 
  • Discover ways to enhance your productivity and lower daily ongoing stress levels using leadership-wide collective resilience planning;
  • Understand staff responses to the unique stressors in a school workplace: compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, overdemand and how to PRACTICALLY boost compassion resilience;
  • Whole-brain approaches to managing people in high demand and high intensity workplaces, in particular understanding resistance, overwhelm and how to inspire the fatigued; and,
  • Effectively manage and de-escalate community members, students and staff.   

What to become a more Resilient Leader? Find out more about our on-line course (details go here and then a click through to sign up – maybe a video first) and our face-to-face workshops (flyer goes here and then a click through to register for courses.)