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About Us

Trauma-informed wellbeing

In our work delivering trauma-informed training to over 400 schools, government departments and NGOs we discovered a common pattern of impact on staff wellbeing, comradery and productivity. Compassion fatigue, vicarious and primary trauma, poor morale and a general sense of helplessness and overwhelm are frequently seen in these settings. Individual self-care alone is not enough to address the challenges in high-demand and trauma-affected workplaces. In response, we started a decade-long journey to discover what works to create a thriving workplace community in these unique circumstances. Over the past 10 years we have partnered with schools, child protection services, police and emergency services and NGOs in exceptionally challenging environments to support staff wellbeing and organisational change and create compassion resilient work cultures.

Built on an understanding of the inevitable impact of working with highly vulnerable and trauma-impacted individuals, we provide tools for both individuals to proactively manage their wellbeing and resources to create supportive, understanding professional communities. Our neuroscience-based approach to stress management, wellbeing and thriving workplace cultures spans 4 integrated levels. The Recharge 4-Level Framework gives you clear and actionable steps to align individual, team and management practices and the structural aspects of work to reduce the inevitable daily stressors of our work and create a professional climate and practices that boost understanding collegial support and engagement.

  • Providing a common language and tools to create a healthy stress and trauma-informed workplace through daily routines, practices in staff meetings, management processes, professional supervision and peer/mentor support;
  • Giving you weekly concrete strategies to boost the positives and minimise the negatives at work;
  • Emphasising both self-care processes and organisational practice to improve team collegiality and support personal and professional wellness; and, 
  • Localising practices to meet your organisational or school needs and can be delivered as whole-of-organisation training, leadership and staff coaching, staff professional development and support.

Resilience Equation

Many educators thrive in high-demand and trauma-impacted communities. These resilient people are not simply genetically endowed! Resilience is considered neither innate or stable, and it can be nurtured and collectively shared in the workplace (Luthar et al., 2000.) In a resilient state we have greater stress tolerance, enhanced capacity to access the pre-frontal cortex’s problem-solving and coping skills and greater potential for longevity in the industry. Reboot’s Resilience Equation below outlines the core elements critical to boosting individual and collective resilience: 

The Resilience Equation identifies the key elements and practices to address both individual and collective resilience. It empowers individuals and leaders to boost wellbeing and to create a workplace culture in which individual responsibility, personal renewal and collective support are foundational to quality professional delivery.

Resilient Us 4-Level Framework

Resilient Us gives you a comprehensive, holistic 4-Level Framework gives you clear and actionable steps to develop positive changes in staff wellness and collegiality:

 1. Individual: Discover the unique conditions and sources of stress in your workplace. Proactively improve your capacity to cope and reduce stress, build your resilience and establish the conditions to optimise productivity, satisfaction and innovation at work. The Resilient Educator module guides staff through the steps to increase their resilience and sense of control at work in 20 minutes a day. The module includes questionnaires and an holistic My Resilience action plan based on individual needs.

 2. Interpersonal: We thrive when we support each other. Create a warm, positive and bonded collegial and boarder school-wide community using Recharge activities and tools and address the impact of work on wellbeing and productivity as a team. Build the social capital and trust required to boost engagement at work, and embrace your parent/carers community.

 3. Organisational structure/processes: Establish the optimal conditions, processes and practices to enhance productivity and wellbeing in daily work interactions, staff meetings etc. Recharge provides you with a range of ways to move beyond words alone to meet our professional and personal needs that can be easily integrated to retain wellbeing as a priority at work and The Resilient School module culminates in a school-wide Collective Resilience Plan.   

4. Leadership and culture: Managing people who are working in high-stress conditions effectively requires a whole-brain approach. The additional and contagious nature of the stress levels and trauma of our students and clients registers with staff in ways that are illogical and can tear workplaces apart. Recharge gives you tools and strategies to support people to reduce their stress, improve their resilience and deliver professional services.

Whole-brain leadership

Workplaces thrive when everyone feels psychologically safe, connected, valued and has a deep sense of individual purpose that aligns well with the collective workplace mission. Humans of all ages share a common neurophysiological need that are deeply amplified when in high-demand and trauma-impacted workplaces. Dealing with highly vulnerable individuals can challenge our worldviews and the standard workplace assumptions of physical and emotional safety are at times undermined. It is not uncommon when serving challenging communities for staff to begin to feel a victim in their own workplace and for leadership to feel bewildered by staff reactions to events and standard management procedures. Addressing the ‘whole-brain needs’ of both our staff and clients/students is key to creating a positive, productive workplace.

Resilient Us provides you with a clear whole-brain framework to strategically address staff needs and create a collective culture of individual responsibility, psychological safety and productivity. Our Resource Bank of leadership strategies and planning support help embed these practices easily into your context. 

Flexible training options and a Bank of support resources

Feeling time poor? Resilient Us is delivered in a range of multimodal ways to support you from as little as 20mins a day. Resilient Us provides training and support for individuals or whole schools and organisations in:

  • The Resilient Educator, The Resilience Leader and The Resilient School on-line self-paced modular training;
  • Text and email-based wellbeing challenges (e.g. 7 day sleep challenge etc.);  
  • Face-to-face workshops and training in short (1-4hr seminars) and day-long forms;
  • Consulting, professional supervision and crisis support; and
  • Resilient Us Resource Bank full of resources and tools.  

We want to help you improve the longevity, productivity and innovation in your unique context.